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Lyocell is used on our fabric straps. It is non-synthetic, made from natural wood pulp. It is 50% more absorbent than cotton, and better at wicking away moisture. It is more sustainable requiring less water in the production process, and it is softer to the touch, great for sensitive skin.



The leather straps are made with German organic leather, and vegetable tanned. Farmed free-range, and free from pesticides and insecticides, each leather strap tells a unique story. The lining is made from soft, breathable leather, kind to sensitive skin, and the inner padding from natural cork.



Excess production of stainless steel usually ends up in landfills. We minimize our impact by reusing excess watch cases produced in the parts factory, melt them back to liquid form, and re-inject into our case molds. Stainless steel is fully recyclable with no degradation of quality.

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Wood rings and wood dial faces are made from original maple or walnut from North America, sustainably sourced from FSC accredited farms. A safe and eco-friendly lacquer is applied to protect the exposed wood from the elements.



Light power is converted into electrical power from the solar cell under the watch face. Die-cuts at key areas allow for maximum light absorption. Excess energy is then stored in a rechargeable battery cell, allowing for up to 4 months of autonomous use under full charge. Both artificial and natural lights can generate power, making solar energy widely available and highly sustainable, 

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